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There can never be too many of us to help the beautiful Mexican youth forge the best possible future for themselves. The Foundation contributes by introducing the study of music to the school curriculum in disadvantaged regions. Since 2015, we have been able to set up a course for 360 students and hire seven music teachers thanks to the generous donations and support received.


In response to many requests (how can we help?) from people in our networks, the Foundation decided to create the "Friends of Crescendo con la Musica" with the aim of providing recurrent financial assistance to ensure the continuation of ongoing projects, as well as the development of new projects.


As a Friend of the Foundation, you will receive annual information about our activities and the evolution of our projects.

Centro Educativo La Barranca

Thanks to the sponsors who supported us in 2016, we were able to fully finance musical education for the school year 2016-2017 at La Barranca, Guadalajara (Mexico). A new choir class has been created to expand our activities. We need to guarantee the budget in order to hire two additional music teachers.


The annual budget amounts to CHF 55,000, covering: seven teachers, instrument purchase and maintenance costs, as well as fees for children's concerts, music camps and ongoing training for our teachers.

The Foundation organizes ongoing training courses for our music teachers in Mexico.

In October 2016, the following four Swiss teachers left for Guadalajara:


Stéphanie Burkhart, singing teacher at the Lausanne Conservatory

Valentina Rebaudo, teacher at the Lausanne Conservatory (clarinet, musical initiation)

Emilie Fournier, former student of the Lausanne Conservatory (flute)

Misha Shapro, violin and viola teacher as well as conductor at the Violonissimo school in Geneva


In October 2017, we renewed this experience with the following teachers:

Misha Shapro

Timothy Leonard

Sofia Potdevin Afanador

In October 2016, the four Swiss teachers also organized a week-long music camp for the children, with, as finale, a concert at the Teatro Alarife Martín Casillas in Guadalajara in front of all the parents!

Scholarships in Switzerland

Since 2015, we have supported the training and artistic development of young musicians in Switzerland through scholarships and educational exchanges.
For the past two years, we have been able to offer a total of nine scholarships to students in the following institutions: the Lausanne High School of Music, the Lausanne Conservatory, the Geneva-Neuchâtel High School of Music and the Jacques-Dalcroze Institute.

Musical training in Kenya

In collaboration with the Art of Music Foundation in Kenya, Crescendo con la Musica is exploring the possibility of helping underprivileged children living in the Korogocho slums on the outskirts of Nairobi.

Shipping instruments from Switzerland to Guadalajara

On 20 August 2015, the children of Centro Educativo La Barranca saw their dream come true when 100 musical instruments from Switzerland finally arrived.


We call them "dormant instruments": musical instruments, locked up in cellars, stored in attics, used for a short period then set aside, unused. These are instruments that many supporters of the Crescendo con la Musica Foundation kindly decided to awaken to give a new life, in the hands of children in Mexico.


These are private individuals or Swiss institutions, such as the Lausanne Conservatory or the Ecole Sociale de Musique in Lausanne. In two years, we were able to collect 100 instruments and bring them to Guadalajara with the support of Aeromexico, who offered us a special shipping contract. The joy and wonder of the children, excited by the sheer number of violins, flutes, clarinets, saxophones and trumpets, was pure magic. They could not believe their eyes!


For the first time, the bridge between Switzerland and Mexico had become tangible.

In numbers:

50 violins

7 pianos

10 cellos

12 flutes

10 clarinets

6 saxophones

5 trumpets

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